A guide to shampooless cleansing. 🚿

So the question is how can you clean your hair properly without using a shampoo? Answer: By Co-Washing!

What is Co-Washing?

Co-Washing is the cleansing of the hair and scalp with a rinse out conditioner only.

Why Co-Wash?

Most conventional shampoos can strip the hair of it's natural moisturizing oils that lead to dry, brittle, frizzy hair.

How often should you Co-Wash?

**Find out which conditioner works best for you, what might work for someone else might not work well for your hair type.** The frequency of Co-washing should be based on your lifestyle and your hair condition. It is recommended to Co-wash your natural hair once to twice a week. If you have a dry scalp, consider Co-washing once a week or once every two weeks and resume to using your shampoo/conditioner. Listen to your hair!!

How to Co-Wash?

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for 2 to 3 minutes, make sure the water isn't too hot it can damage the hair. Water that is too cold will not cleanse the hair and scalp properly.

Next section the hair and pour a quater-size (Or More!) of conditioner into your hand and apply it to a section of your wet hair. Work the conditiner into the hair from root to tip! Also, this a great time to finger comb or use a wide tooth comb to run through section. The conditioner will give you slip and helps tangles come right out!

Allow the steam from the shower to help the conditioner penetrate your hair for about 5 to 7 minutes. Lastly, rinse your hair with cool water to seal the cuticles in the hair to lock in the moisture. Your hair and scalp should feel clean and moisturized without losing all those natural oils the hair needs to be healthy.


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