How do you Pre-Poo?

If you are new in the natural world, you might be wondering what is pre-poo? Pre-Poo simply put is the treatment that is applied before shampooing and conditioning the hair. It is basically an extra yet effective step in the "Wash day" that protects the hair from any stripping of moisture during the shampoo phase.

Your next question might be how do I Pre-Poo? One way that I found to be the most beneficial for me was to use oils. I've seen some use conditioner but through research I learned that using oils will create a better barrier during shampooing and will help the hair take in less water and does not expand as much if you used conditioner. Also, it will leave a little bit of oil behind and aids with stripping.

A few tips:

Pre-Poo while your hair is DRY. If you use water it will repel the oil and will not be as protective during cleansing.

Let the oils sit the hair. Try doing it the night before your wash day. This way pre-pooing won’t feel like it's taking up so much time.

Use a nozzle bottle. Get your scalp first, and then massage the oils into the hair with your hands. Be careful not to over do it, you can clog your pores.

For my Pre-Poo, I'm using Naturally Akemi's Moisture hair oil, Made with Gape Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil (Promotes hair growth), and Clove Essential Oil, to name a few. It comes in a convenient spray bottle. For an easier application to my scalp I used a nozzle bottle because my hair is thick. (Spraying the oil into your hands and then applying is still effective.) After washing with shampoo my hair still felt moisturized going into conditioning.

To learn more about Naturally Akemi's#WHairOile hair oil check it out in the shop! If you plan on making a purchase use my code McMurrayStyles20off for 20% off now through 12/31/18! I hope you enjoyed reading, and happy pre-pooing! :)

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