Moisturizing 101. 💦📚

We hear and see time and time again, "Keep your hair moisturized!" But doing it is a whole other story. Do you know how to moisturize your hair properly? Improper and inconsistent moisturizing can lead to breakage, dryness, and hear comes the straw that breaks the camel's back, SLOW GROWTH!! So take a seat and join the class on how to moisturize your hair, the correct way!

Proper moisturizing beings with *WATER* you can't do it without it. Make sure water is in whatever product you are using, it should be listed as one of the first two ingredients. I highly recommend Naturally Akemi 's Moisture Refreshing Spritz. The spritz brings back your curls between wash days and the first ingredient is *WATER!*. Other's include, vegetable glycerin, rosemary essential oil, optiphen. I really love that it is made with rosemary because rosemary oil is known to promote a healthy, moisturized scalp and can reverse premature graying and many other benefits to the hair, skin, and body. After using the moisture refreshing spritz you should seal the moisture in your hair with an oil (Try Naturally Akemi 's Moisture Hair Oil) or use an anti-humectant like Shea butter.

Another great way to help with moisturizing is trimming those ends. You should trim your hair regularly 3-6 mts, or as needed, to get rid of split ends, brittle ends, and those pesky single strand knots. Doing this will help your hair to grow more and help retain moisture in the long run. **Make sure you use hair shears, no kitchen or craft scissors you will damage your hair if you use them.**

Lastly, cover your hair at night! Try satin bonnet or scarf to retain moisture while you sleep. Either one will prevent moisture loss, along with normal snags and split ends from friction from your pillow.

That's it! Class is dismissed. I Hope these tips and information are beneficial to you. Did you enjoy this read? Drop a comment below. And come back to tell me how your moisturizing regimen is doing. ❤

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