Natural Hair Care Tips

Are you newly natural? Check out these natural hair care tips for building you regimen.

Building a Natural Hair Care Regimen


· Wash once a week, but if you find that this is not working for you try extending the time between washes.

· If you don’t wash your hair as frequently go lighter with your product usage to avoid dryness.

· Use sulfate- free shampoo or try co-washing to avoid dryness.


· Try deep conditioning at least once a month (if you wash your hair more frequently fit in more room for deep conditioning sessions).


· Start with moisturizing your hair once a day (adjust to suit your needs).

· Cover all areas of your hair paying special attention to your ends.

· Try using the LOC method (liquid-based moisturizer, an oil, and then a cream to seal).


· Always have some sort of moisture in your hair.

· Try finger combing to detangle rather than using a comb to avoid breakage.

· Start from the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots

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