Quick Tips For Detangling Natural Hair

If you are struggling to retain hair length, proper detangling can help you get back on track in reaching your hair length goals. A few ways to help is to not detangle on dry hair, avoid heat and excess friction. This can cause breakage, split ends and cuticle damage. Always detangle on damp hair. Conditioner adds slip which creates the ideal condition to make detangling easier (Try: Naturally Akemi Hydrating Conditioner). Sectioning your hair also makes it easier to detangle.

When combing your hair, comb from the tips of your hair up to the roots being very gentle. Make sure you are using the proper comb (wide tooth) or brush. Combing your hair with teeth that are close together can cause brakeage. Try using a comb with teeth that are a half an inch apart. I find that finger detangling has been the best option in detangling and has caused the least amount of breakage. Try using Naturally Akemi Moisture Freshening Spritz to dampen your hair before detangling. I use this product daily to bring my curls back to life or between wash days when I need to detangle.

The best way to help retain length is to keep your hands out of your hair. The less manipulation, the more likely your hair will grow. If you find you have to detangle more than twice a week chances are you are over manipulating your hair. Try detangling on wash day or when changing your hairstyle.

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