• Amber

That Moisture Freshening Spritz, have you tried it?!

If you all knew just how long I have been looking for something to moisturize my hair AND my sons hair...we‘d be here all day! Speaking for my 3 year old I am not quite sure what his texture or porosity is but everything I‘be tried has failed! The moisture freshening spritz works to moisturize and hydrate the hair! With water being one of the ingredients I don‘t have to saturate the hair and then apply the product! Anyone with a toddler knows how difficult it is to keep them still, next to impossible! So after I have applied the spritz I am able to throughly detangle and style his hair, and we are out the door! Now when I use this in myself, I pretty much use it the same way minus the detangling because of my locs. I use this to moisturize my hair after a wash, before I re-twist. The oils that are infused in this product help to keep my maturing locs moisturized and lucious! As you can see from the photo its about time to re-purchase and I WILL definitely be getting this again and again!

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