Why Sectioning Works!

Whenever I get ready to apply any type of product, I always start with sectioning my hair in 3-4 sections. Depending on how long your hair is, you may have to make do more if you have a hard time dealing with a lot of hair. Whenever i got out of the TWA phase, I would put my hair into more than 4 sections because of the different lengths in my hair. I probably started to section after growing my hair for a year and a half. The reason sectioning is so vital is because it reduces the amount of breakage, tangles, and knots, especially if you have type 4 hair like I do!

Sectioning also allows you to deal with less hair at a time. You can also remove hair from a section and then proceed to apply product to your hair for a wash and go, twistout, bantu knot out and so much more! Since I started sectioning my hair, I realized my wash days go so much faster and smoother than when I would try to tackle all of my hair at once.

I want to thank you for viewing this post and i hope i gave you insightful information that you can use the next time you are styling your hair!

Much love!

-Derrix Jones

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