Winter hair care 🌬❄

Winter brings on new challenges that naturals have to deal with. One of the biggest concerns is maintaining moisture while being surrounded by the cold dry winter air. Natural hair is naturally dry so weather, heating and other external factors can dry out natural hair even more. But don't fear, try out these methods to protect your hair for the upcoming season.

1. Deep condition

Deep condition your hair as regularly as possible weekly/twice a month depending on hair type and hair thickness. Adding extra protein, moisture and nutrients to the hair is very important overall and especially in the winter months. This helps prevent breakage, brittleness and keeps your beautiful tresses hydrated and ultimately looking fabulous.


2. Seal your ends

The LOC method (leave in, oil, cream) is always a go to. Use a good 100% natural oil to seal ends to ensure they stay hydrated and to minimize split ends. Oil locks in all the other products that have been used underneath locking in moisture, as well as keeping out the outside elements like dry air or indoor heaters. Ends can be over exposed during the winter months so it is important to take extra care of them. Remember the ends are the oldest parts of the hair so they require the most attention.

3. Co wash

Co washing stands for conditioner only washing. It's when you skip shampooing and rely only on a conditioner to cleanse hair.  Co washing increases moisture in natural hair as shampoos with sulphates and lathering detergents are not used. It is great for the hair during colder months as it ensures hair is hydrated to the max as it cleanses. If you do want to shampoo make sure it's sulfate free so it doesn't strip your hair.

4. Protective styling

Tucking your hair away will eliminate damage and dryness caused by the weather. Styles such as buns, wigs, weave, twists, and head scarves can be your best friend this season. Make sure hair is hydrated and conditioned before putting it away.

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